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Meet the Founder of Aire Energetics

Taylor holds a Doctorate of Optometry and works with clients as a Holistic Health Coach. After getting her degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Lehigh University, she completed Optometry school at Salus University and furthered her education at the Trinity School of Natural Health. She has a passion for holistic medicine and treating the body as a dynamic, cohesive system that can always be brought back into balance when given the proper blueprints. She discovered the art of bio-resonance testing in 2020 and it played an integral role in resolving her chronic symptoms. Her favorite thing about bio-resonance testing is making connections between different body systems and connecting dots to uncover hidden root causes. With her background in Neuroscience and Optometry, she has a special interest in supporting clients suffering from central nervous system disorders and all types of eye conditions.

  • Keara

    Keara Salamo is a Doctor of Pharmacy as well as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. As a lifelong learner, she is also a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine. While her background is in conventional medicine, she has adapted a more holistic approach to health optimization. Her personal healing journey led her to immerse herself in the integrative and functional medicine world over the past 8 years. She believes in true root-cause resolution and is passionate about healing utilizing nutrition and lifestyle. Her specialties include women’s health, detoxification, sleep optimization, and brain health. She is a natural creative problem-solver and is relentless when it comes to helping people to feel their absolute best. She looks forward to helping you along your healing journey.

  • Reena

    Reena is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, PSYCH-K facilitator. She is extremely passionate about health, nutrition, and being of service to others. She believes that nature gives us everything we need to live a healthy and fulfilling life. In her early 20s, she was put on numerous rounds of
    antibiotics, which led to extremely debilitating symptoms. For the next few years, she went from specialist to specialist where her concerns were often dismissed. Through holistic practices, she was able to reverse autoimmune and Lyme symptoms and regain her life. Over the past decade, she has found a place of sustainable balance beyond biohacking and supplements. Her goal is to help guide and support others, so that they can reclaim their health and cultivate a deep sense of trust within themselves.