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Aire Energetics

Bio-Energetic Testing kit (Standard)

Bio-Energetic Testing kit (Standard)

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The Standard package includes a 60-minute phone consultation with a practitioner who will go into more detail about what is included in the reports. Your practitioner will provide you with actionable steps towards improving your state of health and answer any questions about your scan results.


  • Emailed Reports
  • One Energetic Imprint Balancing Tincture
  • Discounted Supplements 
  • 60 Minute Consultation

*Consultations must be scheduled within 2 weeks of receiving results 

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  • Collect samples and fill out forms

  • Return Forms and Samples using included Shipping Label

  • Results emailed in 7 business days. Energetic balancing tincture will be shipped out when results are available.

Digital Reports

Comprehsive Digital Reports

Easy to Read

A comprehensive analysis of your energetic health is detailed in our concise reports


Every client receives a unique and completely personalized protocol based on their DNA

Practical & Actionable

Our trained providers will empower you with a sustainable, comprehensive roadmap to optimal health and well-being